About Shoprs

Are you disheartened because you wish to order something online that’s not available for delivery in your country? Is waiting for a friend, a relative, a friend’s relative, or even a relative’s friend coming from abroad to get the item you want, the only option you got? But what if the person isn’t coming before six months, whereas you need that item urgently?

A big, BIG problem, isn’t it?
That’s where Shoprs comes to the rescue!

Our online peer-to-peer marketplace helps interested shoppers connect with inbound travelers to deliver their desired imported products to them directly in a hassle-free way.

The platform offers a way to make a rather complicated across-the-border shopping process simpler in a trustworthy and reliable way. Cosmetics, consumer electronics, gadgets, clothes or shoes, home and garden appliance, or anything you’ve had your eyes on for a long time, just place your order and a traveler coming in can bring it for you in exchange for some monetary reward. Not only do shoppers get their sought-after product, but travelers also get to earn money online.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and sweet:

“Streamline international online shopping for everyone to enjoy their favorite products, regardless of wherever they are in the world.”

Hasan Alamgir


Mission Statement

At Shoprs, we want to get rid of every stumbling block for a fun-filled, comfortable, worry-free online shopping experience. Get your imported products from anywhere in the world or earn money by helping fellow shoppers!

Why should you choose Shoprs

Because we offer a win-win situation for the shoppers to shop and the travelers to earn easy money.

  •   No shipping restrictions
  •   No more dependability issues for your shopping requests
  •   No more hassle of delivering items
  •   No hidden charges
  •   100% secure payment transactions guaranteed
Shop with us today and witness a smooth-sailing shopping experience yourself.