Colourpop and Disney Collaborated to Create Frozen Makeup Range and We are Ecstatic!

Colourpop and Disney Collaborated to Create Frozen Makeup Range and We are Ecstatic!


No one can deny the magical power of the word Disney. It is a colorful work of art that resonates with people of all ages no matter what. The studio and what it creates is always an instant hit. However, Disney has not been an overnight success – it had to work very hard to become one of the world’s most loved brands.

Disney creates magic in its movies and that magic manifests itself in the form of its merchandise. It is not a surprise how Disney merchandise is always so popular amongst its fans. The merchandise is always of high quality, beautiful and has that irresistible appeal to it. Now the world is going crazy over Disney’s new merchandise collaboration with ColourPop cosmetics and here are all the details you need.

Who has not heard of Frozen? No one! Everyone just loves Disney’s biggest hit in recent years. We all have watched it so many times since its spectacular release in 2013. Can you think of the catchy hits from the animated film? Yes, we can think of quite a few too. As the sequel was coming near, Disney did something incredible that made Frozen fans even more excited. To celebrate the six-year wait, ColourPop Cosmetics and Disney collaborated to create a fantastic Frozen 2 makeup range in limited edition.

Makeup collaborations are just so awesome and everyone just loves them. This makeup collab is a marriage of our two loves: Disney and beauty. We were so excited to find out that ColourPop x Frozen 2 collection features two beautiful bundles based on the two sisters. Elsa and Anna, from Frozen. Each set includes an eye shadow palette, a bullet lipstick, a glossy lippie and glitter pots for shimmer.  But how on earth can you decide between the two? Maybe you should get both and nobody will judge you! Wink, wink.

Everyone knows and loves Elsa for her icy powers and being consistent with that, her set is encased in blue packaging with makeup shades on the cooler side of the color spectrum. You can also find her signature dark red lipstick while the bundle features metallic silvers and holographic glitter to add sparkling highlights.  We love how the color themes are totally in sync with the overall vibe of each of the girls. While Elsa’s capsule features iconic blue icy tones with a touch of burgundy, Anna’s colour scheme has hues of purple and orange that we are obsessing over.

In the Elsa collection, you should expect to find the following products:

  • The eyeshadow palette for $15
  • The Lux Lipstick in the Little Snow for $9
  • The Glitterally Obsessed in the Dark Sea for $9
  • The Ultra-Glossy Lips in Mythic Journey for $8
  • Or the entire set for just $38

Anna’s collection is warmer and you can see mauves and more earthy-toned eyeshadow colours. A brick red lipstick and soft orangey gloss for versatile shades are perfect for everyday use. In order to authentically mirror her bright personality, an intense gold glitter has been added to the set to match the overall autumn hues.  Here are the products you should be able to find in Anna’s collection:

  • The eyeshadow palette for $15
  • The Glitterally Obsessed in Waterfall for $9
  • The Lux Lipstick in Going North for #9
  • The Ultra Glossy Lips in Free Spirit for $8
  • Or the entire set for $38

You can’t build a snowman with these exclusive palettes but you can definitely create a chillingly fantastic look for the season.

So which of the two are you going for? You can check out the reviews on the internet to know which palette is more suitable for you. Or we recommend getting both. Elsa’s collection and its cooler colors would come in handy in the daylight while Anna’s darker shades would be perfect for nighttime make up looks. Both ways, both are just so beautiful and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t resist having both!

You can get your hands on both of these collections in Pakistan. How? This is where Shoprs will help you. With you can simply appoint a traveler to buy and bring you your Elsa or Anna make up collection within a couple of days. You can place your order on in few easy steps. Simply create your account and upload your order with pictures. Next, choose a traveler to bring you the authentic Elsa or Anna make up collections sets. With Shoprs your payment is always secure and products are guaranteed for their authenticity and quality.

So thaw out your Frozen love, make an account today and get your hands on these two beautiful collections as soon as possible!

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