Most Insanely Valuable Video Game Collector’s Editions

Most Insanely Valuable Video Game Collector’s Editions

The collector’s editions of video games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some with shake their heads because these are usually very pricey while real fans would simply drool over! Companies produce collector’s editions in very limited quantities and you really need a fortune sometimes to get your hands on your favorite ones. Wondering which are the most valuable collector’s editions in video games to ever hit the market? Here are the ones that will blow your mind.

The Beatles: Rock Band – Limited Edition Premium Bundle

Rock Band game edition priced at $488 comes with fake instruments (toys) and some extra DLC! Would you buy it if given a chance?

The Last of Us – Post Pandemic Edition

Priced at a whopping $760, even the fans raised the eyebrows. The statuette had a limited run and was designed by Project Triforce that deals with video games only. The Last of Us is the second most awarded game in the world and this edition ran out pretty quickly!

Dark Souls 3 – Prestige Edition

If you were following the release of this game, you’d know that eBay sellers were already doubling the price of collector’s edition beforehand from $860 to, you know what! You may scratch your head and scoff the price by the Dark Soul series is very well established with a dedicated set of fans who are happy to forfeit a fortune for the collector’s edition.

Uncharted 2: Among  Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition

Can you believe that this special edition is priced at $7,456? Only 200 were made and it isn’t like everyone can purchase it. You had to play the demo at a very specific time in order to get a chance to buy this edition and it was very inaccessible for many for this reason!

Dying Light – My Apocalypse Edition

Let us cough first.. “ahem”, this is priced at $358,475! This collector’s edition of a game is worth more than a decent house! But there ARE outrageously rich fans out there who got their hands on this unbelievably priced video game edition.

Saint’s Row 4 – Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

We aren’t kidding by miles when we say that this collector’s edition is priced at $1,000,000! Can you imagine what you can do with this kind of money? Apparently some fans would rather compete get the collector’s edition. The catch is that they created this in just ONE quantity and it is a whole deal with plastic surgery, personal shopper, a Lamborghini, 7 nights in Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai and what not.


So which of these appealed to you, really?

You may not want to get any of these game editions for the whopping prices they quote and we totally understand that! However, if there are any other low-key special collector’s editions that you want from abroad in Pakistan, Shoprs will be happy to get those for you. Simply create an account on and upload a request. One of our travelers will fulfill your order. Your payments are always secure with Shoprs

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