Shopping Websites That Are a Great Alternative to Amazon

Shopping Websites That Are a Great Alternative to Amazon

Yes, yes, we love shopping on Amazon but isn’t it nice to switch sometimes especially when you can also get amazing discounts and deals? The web has many department store-style marketplaces like Amazon and can offer amazing products with great bargains! Here are some of the best alternatives to Amazon if you want to scope out your shopping sprees.


eBay is definitely one of the big names in the online shopping website list for a good list. It is a popular online marketplace that allows you to sell your goods at a set price or for an auction – which means that customers can get a great deal with often free shipping. However, eBay does not sell its own products like Amazon, it is just a middleman between third party sellers and customers. Try it!


This is sort of like Amazon but for ‘techies’. Newegg is an online marketplace that specializes in electronic goods like smartphones, laptops, televisions and more. They have a price match guarantee and three days shopping policy so that you can get a  great deal next time you decide to get a gadget for yourself.


Zappos is an online accessory, shoe and clothing marketplace which gives you free returns and shipping. It is a subsidiary website of Amazon but is really loved for its star customer service and hassle-free returns!


Are you a fan of branded products for a bargain? Then is a great alternative to Amazon for you. You can order low-price products from big-name retailers including appliances, cleaning products, cosmetics and more. You can get the products within a couple of days without paying any shipping charges if your over is above $35. With programs like ‘refer a friend’, you can also earn up to $500 in credit!


Sort of like Amazon with a touch of Etsy, sells an assortment of both new and surplus products along with handmade crafts from artisan from around the world. They even return 60% of the revenue back to the artisans.


One of the biggest companies in the world next to Amazon, is definitely the biggest competitor that Amazon has. In addition to their slogan ‘everyday low prices’ with two-day free shipping on some items, you can get amazing discounts on online grocery shopping too.

So next time you’re searching for a particular item, have a look at these websites too apart from You can select what product you want and create an order on Your order will be fulfilled by one of our travelers and delivered to your doorstep in Pakistan for a small commission. What products are you interested in from these websites?

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