It’s simple! All you need to do is to register yourself, place your order, and wait for a traveler traveling from the country of your choice to make you an offer for your order.
You can request for all the items that you need as long as it adheres to the laws of Pakistan. If you want, you can even browse through the latest orders and see what other people are placing an order.
Shoprs facilitates shoppers to pay via Bank Transfers or Cash Pickup points (Jazzcash /easypaisa). We ensure that payment procedure is managed safely without any inconvenience for both the shoppers as well as the travelers.
Absolutely! Your payment is completely safe and secure with us and won’t be released to the traveler till you have received your ordered product as per your satisfaction.
Under any circumstances, if the traveler is not able to deliver the requested orderwithin duration of 5 days after going back to their country, your deposited amount will be refunded to you in full amount
Yes! With our built-in secure chat feature, you can get in touch with the traveler and discuss everything in detail. However, it is against our policy to allow sharing of contact numbers or email addresses on. The membership of anyone found doing this will be immediately canceled and will be permanently blocked from Shoprs.
In case you face any trouble in contacting the traveler, we are available at your disposal 24/7.
Being a third party, Shoprs does not offer any warranty for the items ordered using the platform, however, you can always acquire details or claim for a warranty from the manufacturer directly.
All the travelers who register with Shoprs are required to provide accurateand certifiable information and moving forward as the traveler completes more orders he will be asked to be reviewed from the shoppers, which in turn will increase the trust factor and move them on top among other travelers.
The traveler and shopper will meet at a mutually discussed place to hand over the requested order. In order to verify, the shopper will provide a code for the placed order that the traveler will have to enter in the order section for the order process to be.
* We strongly advise both the travelers and shoppers to schedule their meetings in public places for their safety and privacy.
Yes, you can cancel your order given that you have not paid for it.However, once the payment has been made to us, we confirm the traveler to purchase the requested items as a validation. The traveler then purchases the requested items on their own, which is why the order cannot be canceled at this stage. In case the traveler has not purchased the items even after the payment has been made, you can inform them in the private chat window to not purchase the item.Once they cancel the order from their end, your payment is refunded.
Yes, you can ask anyone to collect the order on your behalf provided that you have given them the code generated once you place an order on Shoprs.
However, only share this code if you are unable to collect the order from the traveler yourself, or with someone who you think is want worthy of your trust.
Anyone who is 18+ is welcome to register with Shoprs and become our customers.
We absolutely do! Refer Shoprs to a friend and get a 5% discount on your next order once your friend has successfully completed their first order process.
Absolutely! Our shoppers will pay you an additional fee for the item they request for as an incentive to transport their order from the country you are coming from.
No. We have strict policies against sharing confidential information with other shoppers or travelers and we also advice our members to follow the same practice to avoid any inconvenience, including getting banned from the website.
After you and the shopper have made a settlement, shoppers will pay the full amount (including your incentive cost) to Shoprs. Once we have received the funds, we will inform you, so you can proceed with purchasing the requested items. After the payment has been confirmed, the shopper will not be able to cancel their order and the amount will be transferred to your account once it has reached its destination. We understand that you have purchased the order only after confirmation and hence, we make sure that you are paid in full amount without any trouble.
Why not! You can communicate with the shopper through the built-in chat facility and ask any questions concerning your order.
In case of any trouble getting in touch with the shopper, you are available 24/7 to help you resolve the issue.
Once you safely deliver the ordered items to the shopper, they will provide you with a code that you will enter in the order completion function. If the code is confirmed, it means that the order completion process is complete and your payment will be transferred to you in your provided financial account. The transaction process takes approximately 3-4 working days. However, we charge a traveler a fee of Rs.100 to cover bank charges. Also, for Shopper assurance, make sure to provide the original receipt(s) to the shopper.
The safest way is to hand over the ordered items to the shoppers directly. For that, you can mutually decide on your rendezvous and make sure to choose a public place for your own as well as the shoppers safety and privacy.
As a matter of fact, yes. Do not accept orders for products that are restricted or banned by the laws of Pakistan. Click here for further information about custom & baggage rules.
That’s totally up to you. You can negotiate with the shopper on whatever percentage you think is applicable, however, we recommend to keep it around 10% to 15% so that the shopper does not feel they are unnecessarily being charged exceedingly.Though, if the product takes more space, requires extra effort from your end to bring it, or is costly, you are free to ask more for your share.
Shoprs isn’t just an ordinary marketplace; it has been built with a perspective to offer a peer-to-peer communication between travelers and shoppers in a friendly and trustworthy environment for easy shopping.
Moreover, our 24/7 support service is available at your disposable as per satisfaction whenever and however you need us.
In such situation where you have already purchased the item that the shopper has placed an order for and you have already been notified from our end, then you are not obligated to cancel the order. If, however, you feel that the purchased item can be returned and refunded, then you can choose to cancel the order.