Privacy and Terms

Being part of a globally connected community of shoppers and travelers, here are a few instructions to help you understand how to use Shoprs for a safer and enjoyable shopping experience:

Profile Verification

On setting up your Shoprs account, we request you to verify your profile via email and phone number confirmation before placing an Order or Posting a Trip. This helps us ensure that no fake users or scammers register with the website, providing you with a secure and spam-free environment. To protect your identity, this information remains private and is not displayed on your public profile.

Escrow Delivery and Payment

After a mutual settlement, travelers purchase the shopper’s item with their own cash. On confirming the delivery, the cash is released to the traveler’s account, which includes the traveler fee. For shoppers, we charge merely 6% service charges against each delivery. In a nutshell, we use escrow payment method to warrant that both the shopper and traveler’s money is kept safe and secure.

Customer Service on-the-go

While it’s best to resolve an issue one-on-one, however, in case of queries or further assistance, you can get in touch by emailing us at We are available from 10 am till 8 pm Pakistan Standard Time from Mondays to Saturdays and make sure to address all your questions within 24 business hours.

Delivery Time, Returns and Refunds

  • Please see that the standard delivery time can vary depending on the traveler’s schedule or unavoidable circumstances. However, the dates and travel plan are displayed on the website’s Home page and Order page. In case of any changes in plan, the information is updated accordingly for every individual traveler.
  • In case of non-delivery ordered product within given timeframe, we have a 100% refund policy for the buyer if paid via bank but If payment is via credit card or jazzcash then 3.5% will be deducted when the refund is initiated for order cancellation.
  • Deliveries might get affected due to current ongoing COVID pandemic, incase of flight delays, if the order has already been bought then we won’t be able to provide a refund for that product
  • Refund cannot be claimed once the order has been purchased by the traveler.
  • The traveler will meet the shopper within the duration of 7 days to complete the order process.
  • No Replicas, fake or prohibited products can be requested using Shoprs. The travelers are strictly advised to accept offers for items that come under non-prohibited items list in accordance with the laws of Pakistan.

Community Guidelines

Being a community building website, we aim only to provide the best experience to both our shoppers and travelers. We do not, in any way, support nor tolerate profanity, verbal aggressiveness, threats, or bullying of any kind. If you are found in violation of the rules, we will immediately send you a warning notice, and if such behavior persists, your Shoprs account will be permanently suspended.

  • Be Respectful and courteous

Please see that Shoprs is a community website and cannot be considered as a courier service. Therefore, we highly appreciate that you treat other members with due respect and courtesy. As a website, Shoprs will not accept profanities, use of verbal abuse, threats, or any kind of misdemeanor towards any member of our community.

  • Timely respond to Messages

Users are directed to respond to the messages in a timely manner. It is advisable to respond back within 24 hours of the ongoing conversation.

  • Abide by the Rules

Shoprs offers a secure escrow payment method and built-in chat service to certify that the shoppers receive their products and travelers receive their payment upon delivery without delay. Handling financial transactions outside of Shoprs violates the community rules and is against both shoppers and travelers privacy and security. If, in any case, you are asked to order/deliver products outside the Shoprs platform, please notify this to our team straightaway by emailing at

  • Complete Your Profile

At Shoprs, we have strict confidentially rules that ensure never to display or share your personal information, including your residential address, debit, or credit card details anywhere on the website. However, you need to make sure that you completely fill out your profile providing all the requested information. Shoppers are more likely to accept offers from travelers with a proper profile picture and have complete and accurate information posted their upcoming travel plans and schedule.

If, in any case, you are found to be in violation of any of these aforementioned policies, you will receive a warning email. Upon receiving a second warning email, we will not shy away from suspending your Shoprs account permanently.